As a personal trainer it is very important for me to maintain high standards and professionalism.

Here are some of my clients reviews of my work.

Customers reviews

"Joel was an awesome trainer who challenged and motivated me. During the sessions I felt supported and comfortable to try new things. We mixed up the exercises which I liked and I could feel an improvement in my fitness right away. He's great to be around and I look forward to training with him again"
Olly Alexander
"Travelling around the world with the band doesn't give me alot of time to exercise but Joel gave me a program I can follow that fits into my busy schedule. He is fun to train with and has patience which works well with my lifestyle and career."
Emre Turkmen
Music Producer
"As a woman I am sure others can relate when we feel we have fat days and never truly feel comfortable. That insecurity disappeared when I started training with Joel. I’ve begun to enjoy my food and my lifestyle due to how he’s transformed my body. I feel and look good and this would have been impossible without Joel."
Elena Fernandes
Supermodel and Bollywood Actress
"Joel is easily the best personal trainer I have worked with. Our sessions were hard, but also enjoyable. He understood what I needed so quickly and I saw results almost immediately."
Dean Richardson
Musician and Producer
"Training with Joel was an eye opener. I trained areas of my body using different types of exercise which was explosive and long term will definitely get results. I always felt doing my own training would get the results, but the missing ingredient for me is a personal trainer to devise a specific program and push me to my goal. This will be rewarding long term."
Jacqeline Ubsja
"Joel has been an inspiring, motivating and highly patient trainer who knows how to bring the best out of me. His optimism and faith helped me realise my reach and go even beyond. I am so looking forward to achieving my goals by the end of this year."
Rajat Jain
Software Vice president