Frequently Asked Questions

Here some of the most asked question about Personal Training.

1) Isn’t personal training expensive?

I work with off peak and peak hours to suit my clients needs. I train outdoors, in client homes or in my exclusive private studio. I have many options including train with a friend, group training and online programs that are also penny friendly so take your pick.

2)I don’t like busy gyms what is the best time to train?

Don’t worry my exclusive private studio never gets busy and is full equipped with everything necessary to have a good workout. If you want, we can build your confidence up with one of my home packages and then when you feel ready transition into my private studio. If you decide you want to continue training at home that is good for me the main thing is that you are comfortable.

3)I’ve got an injury can we work around that?

I start with a consultation and then I ask relevant questions. If you are fit to train after assessment then we can if not is is better to wait until your injury is something we can move forward with. The last thing we want to do is aggrevate anything.

4)Is training fun?

Yes it is because I add variety to every work out.

5)What days can we train?

I work 6 days a week so I am sure we can find a slot to fit around your work and family commitments.

6)What should I wear when training?

Comfortable workout clothes and trainers so that you don’t feel restricted.

7)Are there any hidden costs?

None at all. All you have to do is pay for your sessions and enjoy getting fitter. 

If you want a home program or tailored nutrition plan there is an additional fee.

8)What advice can you give to me- I am a beginner?

  • Be mentally ready for a lifestyle change-If you relapse don’t worry it is part of the process
  • Don’t look at anyone else- Everyone starts from somewhere this is all about you.
  • Have fun when working towards your goal- We will set small goals along the way to keep you motivated

9)How many times a week do people train with you?

Some clients train with me once up to four times a week depending on their specific goal.

10)When can we start?

Contact me on 07554808436 or fill in my contact form and lets get you started.